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What Does MDR Connections Do?

We follow all Florida guidelines and strive to achieve the highest level of environmental responsibility.
MDR Connections is a middleman between Trucking and Waste Management Disposal. Instead of taking possession of the Waste Material, MDR facilitates communication between the Trucking and the Land fill. They’re the ones making sure the hand-off goes smoothly between Trucking and Waste Management, and it arrives safely and on time.


MDR Connections is a disposal outlet that consolidates transportation of construction and demolition debris disposal costs into one. We connect you with your Class 3 transportation and disposal needs. A single outlet where you can consolidate both together where you have one expense instead of two. Only dealing with one company. A one-stop shop.
MDR offers a safe, environmentally responsible way to dispose of all your discarded debris from your remodeling, demo or construction site. We haul away items like concrete, rubble, shingles, wood, steel, tiling, drywall ETC.
MDR will haul yard, landscape, storm and hurricane debris.
MDR Connections only accepts class 3 materials. No paint, asbestos, biohazards materials. Please contact us for questions regarding restricted materials.

Land Clearing Debris
Construction and Demolition Debris
Yard Waste
Non-treated Wood Pallets
Unpainted and Untreated Wood
Scraps From Manufacturing
Shredded Waste Tires
Waste Concrete Board
Furniture other than Appliances
Items Approved through Special Waste Plan
Water Filters
Water Treatment Filter Cake
Air Filters
Automobile Parts (e.g. frames, lenders solvent free windshields, non-electrical components, doors, etc.)
Dismantled Industrial Equipment (without hazardous constituents)
Non-hazardous Sand Blasting Grit
Treated Wood
Scrap Metal from Manufactured Houses

Is MDR Necessary?


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You may need MDR Connections if:

  • You want to reduce transportation costs and disposal cost.
  • You have an issue with your current provider’s dependability or service.
  • You are doing well with your current process, but need more capacity or resources.

MDR Connections will facilitate and save you time and money. Simply having an ally in this complex and ever-changing industry can be a huge benefit to any company. By maintaining a relationship with a trusted Waste removal company, you’ll have a resource to turn to with any concerns or emerging needs. Answers to questions regarding the best practices for the shipment of your freight and price fluctuations in the market are easy to access.

The MDR Connections Process


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